how we trek together at fjällräven

“Remember we’re not running a short race here”

 “Being the best at outdoor clothing and equipment,  in harmony with nature, means that we always want to  identify more innovative and sustainable solutions.  And that will just have to take whatever time  and effort it requires. ”

Creating a culture of wellbeing

We strive to create an inclusive workplace where each employee feels comfortable, empowered and valued. If we are to be successful, we need you to join in our mission.

As with all companies, Fjällräven is defined by the people who work here. We are made up of individuals who are devoted outdoor enthusiasts that feel personally motivated to inspire the world to walk with nature. Every single part of our operations, and every individual is contributing to and working towards our common mission. And just like a team of trekkers, learning and developing together, trusting each other and valuing our differences is crucial to reach our goals.

trekking togheter

Healthy and safe workplaces
We aim to maintain healthy and safe workplaces where employees can reach their potential
Clear leadership
We want to provide direction and trust through clear leadership
Equal opportunities
We want to provide equal opportunities for development and growth for all employees
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