Lisa Ekman

Lisa Ekman

Global Sales Analyst – Sales

Current Location: Solna, SE

Hometown:  Stockholm,SE

Languages you Speak:   Swedish, English

What is your first memory in nature?    

One of my first memories from being out in nature was when I was a girl scout. That was when I had my first night under bare sky in the Swedish woods. I remember that there were a lot of mosquitos and that it started to rain, but it whetted my appetite for the outdoors anyway. I have not, however, become fond of the scout banana (grilled banana with chocolate over an open fire).

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Why did you join Fjällräven?

 I chose Fjällräven based on the purpose-driven brand, the global presence and possibility for individual development. For me, it is important to stand for the products or services that the company that I work for produces. I can stand for that Fjällräven does not follow short-term trends, never compromises on quality and that the holistic lifecycle perspective is a core value throughout all operations. The brand and company are globally known but still have great potential to grow. To get the brand to grow by getting more people into the outdoors motivates me. I highly value that I am developing within the field that I'm interested in and believe that I can contribute the most within. I have been trained using data as an element for decision making and creating aha-moments through data analysis encourages me. The data-driven approach and digitalization journey that we have begun makes me see several possibilities for further development.

How long have you been with Fjällräven?     

Since the beginning of 2020.


What is your favorite part of your job?       

It has been special navigating through a year characterized by C-19, not being able to meet colleagues and fully understanding how our markets work at a normal state, but it has also been rewarding. It has been rewarding to handle the new situations created by the unknown market situation. On top of that, I enjoy the combination of focusing on the markets and the sales side and working closely with people from different departments to synchronize the value chain better.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?         

I am a real chameleon when it comes to outdoor activities but favorite ones for weekdays are road biking and running, whilst for weekdays and/or vacations it's trekking and boating. I enjoy heading outdoors with friends and family but also appreciate a fair share of solo trips as well. I have done many solo trips across the world. It is really empowering to go on hiking adventures alone. With the right equipment and preparation, I highly recommend it.

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A challenge you are tackling or a skill you are improving.   

I have an ambition that I want to be able to crawl properly. Just need the swimming pools to reopen or the waters to get warmer.

What makes you most proud of your job?  

Fjällräven is a pioneer as well as a leader within sustainability with the belief in timeless design, choice of materials and high requirements concerning quality and durability. Being a part of our journey and creating a ripple effect to the rest of the industry makes one proud.

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